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“Hi my name is Oleg Vihnovskiy. I immigrated from Belarus to United states and I live in Seattle WA. For 10 years I had a blood decease that reflected on the sole of my foot with a boil. I would have constant ich , pain on the top of it there would be blood and fluids coming out so much that I didnt wear shoes for 12 years. I was being treated by the best Dr's of seattle as they were studying my condition for future research. One sunday Evangelist Ashish visited my church that is located in Bellevue WA. After he was done preaching I went forward to be prayed for and the power of God came upon me, I was instantly healed. Today I don't have any blood decease, my skin has covered up and no boil is there. I have been wearing shoes for last 4 years and living a happy healthy life for the Glory of God. All Glory to Jesus who still works wonders in our midst.”​

- Oleg Vihnovskiy, Washington, USA

“Hello, I am Arpna Caleb I was born again when I was in 9th grade in the crusade of Brother Ashish Mubarak. Since that time always had a heart to see God and to see his works in my life. It was one fine summer of 1998 when Bro. Ashish and his team visited my hometown Itarsi India for meetings and I got to know the Lord more deeply and learned to have faith in God. I experienced the touch of Holy Spirit was baptized in the Holy Spirit with speaking in other tongue. The revival meeting that day was extraordinary as people stayed under the cloud of glory till late midnight. The revival in that church and city began that day that is still going on today. That made me understand that God is having plan in my life. In every stage of my life from studies till my marriage I have seen God's hand. Its His mighty power that made me through all the troubles and trials in my life and still I feel his mighty favor on me.. In the darkest time of my Life I have clearly heard God talking to me and encouraging me to have faith in him and that he will deliver. I am so in love with my precious savior, lover and my best friend Jesus.I cannot explain in words that how much I am thankful to our Lord for all that he has done in my Life. Nothing else in the world is better than the love of Jesus Christ. I thank God for ministry of Brother Ashish Mubarak and his willingness to serve the Lord. ”

“I had a sever problem with my back last winter. medicines didnt help me and all the time I felt horrible pain. During your visit to Ukraine i was touched by God and was healed. your prayers gave me power and certainty in gods i try to pray first cause i m sure now that god is the one who can heal without any medicines. your visit helped me not just to feel good in my health but to trust to god more and never doubt. Your preaching gave for me energy and desire to read and learn the gospel more. Thanks Ashish for coming to my country.”

- Ana ZP, Ukraine

- Arpna Caleb, India

“Hello Brother Ashish, I do not speak or write English, use a translator on my computer. I want to tell what happened to me last night with my daughter. My daughter is five years old, was born with spina bifida, hernia hombligo, had separate hip and urinary incontinence. Last night you prayed for her. She told me that she felt very hot on her hips. By FAITH I know my daughter was healed. Thank God she was healed.Jemimah Burgos”

- Jemimah Burgos, Guatemala

“Pastor Ashish! I was healed immediately when you laid hands on me earlier this month in PA conference. I must tell you, I've had Kenneth "Dad" Hagin, Lester Sumrall etc lay hands on me but when you did I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit I hadn't felt in a VERY long time.Dr. Ed Dufresne, who was my spiritual father, had a tremendous healing anointing. I told my husband after you laid hands on me I had only felt like that when Dr. Dufresne laid hands on me not before or since until you. He is gone now so you must continue with the vision God has laid before you. My leg actually grew out when Dr. Sumrall laid hands on me but I felt nothing. I know it's not about feelings per say, but I also believe when a powerful anointing is present those who are there can feel it. I can say I felt it when you laid hands on me.Keep going the way you are with the Lord you're healing anointing is powerful. Thank you for your obedience, I am healed because of it!! ”

“You know that I always testify about you and your ministry, it really have impacted us, from the time we went to the Congress in Guatemala City, you confirm to us God directions and we were able to trust God for our Congress here in Belize City and we saw many miracles happenned, also when you come here many ppl get healed...there was this woman who had cancer in her skin who was ratn she was discomposed in her skin it smell very bad and u pray for her she is totally healed...praise God! What amazed me is ur humility, and love to us.After u were here u pray for us in our finances, we received a vehicule the same week we pay nothing a sister who come to the event was touch by God, we had no vehicule then, we saw lot of healing miracles that have change and impact our lives.Thank you for your ministry Ashish. ”

- P. Noemi Galicia, Belize

- Amela Sutton Blase, Virginia, USA

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